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Superior Thinking & Writing Maxthink offers over 100 new ways to use your computer for more effective writing, and superior thinking on any topic. Maxthink users consistently report major increases in mental productivity and effectiveness.
Integrated Idea Generator  Early stages of thinking often include list processing -- finding, creating, sorting, joining, collecting, and segmenting ideas. Maxthink include over 30 list commands to help you collect, record, and develop your thoughts.
Powerful Outline Processes Intermediate stages of thinking feature outline processes of grouping, classifying, and categorizing ideas. Reviewers say Maxthink is the most powerful and flexible of all outline programs, and the easiest to learn and use.
Complete Text-Word Processor Later stages in thinking and writing depend upon text processing ... connecting ideas and phrases into sentences and paragraphs, and formatting printed output. Maxthink includes all familiar word processing commands.
Important Advanced Features Maxthink offers new concepts ... Prioritize, Binsort, Fence, Levelize, Categorize, Tag, Invert, Path Recall, Expand/Collapse ... all to enhance your abilities to find, develop, and display your insights and ideas.
Total Output Control Maxthink files are easily transferred to ASCII editors, Notepad, WordPad, Word, and Word Outline formats. Printer options cover all page, outline, and numbering formats.